It means a huge amount to us to see the people we train with achieve their fitness goals. By helping you to train the correct way for your body and make positive changes, we all succeed. Thanks for the wonderful feedback!


I started training with Kirsty after seeing her at a party and thinking what an amazing lady and what an amazing physique! I had always been really keen on sports and weight training but having had children, life got in the way and gradually my shape changed. I just couldn’t find anything that I could stick at; I got more and more disillusioned and felt increasingly fed up with the way I looked. I started weight training with Kirsty and within weeks I saw my shoulders and back come back to my swimming days. Then I went on Kirsty’s nutrition programme and things just kept getting better. Once I started training with Andy and suddenly my confidence in what I could achieve grew. Andy is so supportive and makes you believe in yourself. These two have taken me back to the body I had ten years ago and made me feel comfortable about how I look. I can’t thank them enough.”

Louise Miller

Andy is the most awesome person to have as a personal trainer. He has tweaked my style and improved my lifts, bench and squat with his training techniques. He makes training fun. He is well educated and informed on the latest training techniques and practises. Kirsty, Andy’s wife is amazing. She makes my nutrition plan something to enjoy and look forward to eating. She tweaks where needed and nothing is too much trouble. Nothing can not be worked
around when it comes to favourite foods and dishes. I am so pleased that I have joined up with this awesome team. They are both passionate about what they do , encouraging and inspiring.

Jo Newman

Over the past decade I have been a serial yoyo dieter and have had trouble with staying at a healthy weight. Throughout the challenge, Kirsty has been educating me about nutrition and the importance of carb intake timing. Kirsty provided me with easy to follow meal plans and recipes and more importantly she has given me a maintenance plan for me to follow now the challenge is complete.

Trevor Masters

In August 2015 I joined Anytime Fitness as I wanted to get into shape and lose some weight. One of my main reasons was that I didn’t want to be that self-conscious person that prevented me from doing activities with my kids such as swimming because I was ashamed of my body. I wanted to be in shape so I could enjoy these sorts of activities and not be worried about how I looked. When I joined the gym I was knocking on for 100kg. After hours of reading online articles about diet and training programs I thought I was armed with the know how to make my goal a reality. Well the
truth is after 7 months whilst I had dropped down to 95kg I really hadn’t gone anywhere. All I can say was that it was extremely frustrating thinking you are doing the right thing but to end up in a groundhog day situation of going through the motions with no real benefit.
It was at this stage I saw a competition in the gym for a 6 week challenge so contacted Kirsty and Andy to join their team. From the start of the challenge both Kirsty and Andy were very attentive to individualising a nutrient and training plan that suited me making it realistic to achieve my goals. Even with my million and one questions they always had time to explain everything to me and as a result I have learnt so much which I am very grateful for as this is knowledge I will now always have. With Kirsty helping me nutritionally and Andy helping me in the gym it wasn’t long before I started to see results. Andy has a great manner by which he trains which is relaxing but motivational at the same time. Andy has shown me so many techniques and how to focus on the muscle your working to create a mind/muscle connection; and it really works! When I didn’t feel it working a particular muscle group Andy always had suggestions on how to refine the technique and it made a huge difference. Anyone can go to the gym and lift weights but having the right technique is definitely the key. Andy’s knowledge in this area is second to none!
After completing the 6 week challenge I had dropped down to 86kg along with dropping about 7% body fat which was a huge achievement to me but testament to all the hard work Kirsty and Andy put in. They were always available to discuss any questions I had and would help in any way they could with modifications to my diet and changing up my training so I continued to see positive changes. As a result I have continued training 3 times a week with Kirsty and Andy and continue to see improvements in my strength and muscle development along with dropping even more body fat. All of this would not have been possible without their help and expertise and I will always be grateful to them for this. As they say knowledge is king and these guys have it by the bucket load!

Chris Gear

Meesh Brookes goal was to lose 30 kgs in a year…. She lost 31.6 kgs!!!!

You have been amazing Kirsty! Thank you for all your help, time, motivation, tips and pushing us past what we think are our limits. Never would have got any of this achieved without you.

Trina Roberts

I have a lot to thank Kirsty Perry for. I became bored with my fitness regimen and had gained a significant amount of weight. I needed something to reenergise my passion for weight training and fitness.

I engaged Kirsty as a personal trainer and mentor back in April 2011. Through Kirsty’s personalised programs, I soon feel back in love with working out. Her programs were tailored perfectly to enable me to reach my goals. Her nutrition advice, training tips and personal support along the way has been invaluable. With Kirsty’s knowledge and sound advice, I was soon able to drop 3 dress sizes (25kg) and most importantly keep it off. It was that easy!

If you seriously want results, Kirsty comes with my personal recommendation.

N. Cooper.