The frustration many people have with low carb eating is that it’s “boring”. If you’ve been looking for a way to transform your food – as in make it healthy! – but still taste amazing, look no further! My recipes are not just copied from the internet or a book, most of these look great but contain stuff you can only get in America! These recipes are created by me through real experience and using local NZ ingredients that can be found at Countdown, New World and Pak n Save. My passion is to combine my knowledge of food with my creative flair to create low carb food that replicates the classics that people know and love.

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Thanks for choosing Lift PT to help you achieve your health, fitness and physique goals, and start looking and feeling the way you deserve to. You’ve already taken the first step, which is having the desire to change and doing something about it.

There is so much information out there, quick fix solutions, fad diets and gimmicky exercises, who knows where to start, and more importantly what will work for long term results.

  • have you tried diet after diet, feeling deprived and having no energy?
  • have you lost weight before only to regain it when you come off your diet?
  • are you sick of doing exercise that doesn’t provide you with results?

I can change that for you!
Check out my current packages, and remember – custom plans are available on request – because not every body is the same!

Hi, my name is Kirsty and I would love to help you achieve your body goals. Maximising your body potential has positive effects on not only the body, but also the mind. I believe in lifting more than weights. I want to help you lift your spirit too. A positive feeling from knowing you’re taking care of the one thing that matters most – the body we’re given – can flow on to every area of your life.
Firstly let’s get in the kitchen and get to the gym!

I look forward to sharing my personal fitness journey with you as well as helping you achieve your goals!

Thanks for visiting my new website. More to come!

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